Corporate Sponsorship Program

Strengthen your foothold on the healthcare market by becoming an IHA Corporate Sponsor. You’ll increase your visibility among hospital decision makers through year-round opportunities.

2024 IHA Corporate Sponsorship Program

IHA represents over 200 hospitals and nearly 40 health systems. Economic engines throughout the state, IHA members spend significantly on goods and services. As an IHA Corporate Sponsor, your organization would gain:

  • Access to Illinois hospital and health system leaders
  • Recognition as a supporter of IHA activities that directly support healthcare in Illinois
  • Insights into the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare leaders

The program offers year-round recognition and visibility, with additional exposure and face-to-face interaction at our annual conferences: IHA Small & Rural Hospitals Annual Meeting and IHA Leadership Summit.

We encourage a variety of businesses and organizations to become sponsors, including: banks and financial institutions, law firms, consulting companies, and insurance providers.

Learn more about our sponsorship packages. You must submit your application online.

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