IHA Update: Legislative Black Caucus Health Care Proposal Reintroduced

January 25, 2021

State Advocacy Update

As previously reported by IHA at the conclusion of the 101st General Assembly’s lame duck session, different versions of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ Health Care Pillar legislation advanced in each chamber (Senate: HB3840/SA3; House: SB558/HA4 and HA5).  However, the Senate and House were not able to reconcile certain provisions concerning MCOs so final legislative action was not taken on either bill.

Those bills have now been refiled as House Bill 158 (previously HB 3840/SA3) and House Bill 159 (SB 558/HA4 and HA5).  See IHA’s updated and detailed analysis of each bill here.

While both pieces of legislation include language negotiated and agreed upon by IHA during the lame duck sessions, it is our expectation that additional modifications will be made to one or both bills before moving forward.  The House is now determining when and how it will return to Springfield.  The Senate is scheduled to come back on February 9.  IHA will continue to alert members on the progress of HB 158 and HB 159 as well as other important pieces of legislation that will be considered throughout the spring legislative session.

If you have questions or comments, please contact IHA.